Rodent Rampage


Rodent Rampage is a couch co-op game for up to four players. Four rodents chaotically pilot a makeshift tank together through a South-American fishing village run by a cartel of Racoons. This is the last game we did before quitting school!

In Unity at the present, there was no good prefab overview solution. So I made our own to easily add many prefabs and adjust and swap between them for fast iteration. The Artists were very pleased with it.

Each prefab in the scene had different subversions of prefabs and it was possible to just press a button to switch the object in the scene. Just like that. Or multiselect and randomize by to different options.

When working on the scenes it sometimes became very slow and a lot of content made it happen. So I built a system where we could swap the prefabs to boxes for easily navigate and as a bonus, we later used them to remove areas from navmesh.

For creating the surroundings and streets for our maps we had it made in unity. Flexible and easy to adjust streets, heights and vegetation.

One issue we had with Unity was that prefabs lost there connections and we could miss thousands of objects in a scene. Probably the issue came from several people working on same file and our collaboration workflow. So a script that went through all the missing objects  and looked for correct named assets solved the issue instead of manually doing one by one! Thankfully we had a strict naming convention that in the end paid off well!

We could not use Unitys navmesh and had to create it ourself. Here You add curves, add them together and extrude where house or other obstacles existed.. Made navmesh in minuets and easy to iterate on.