Jet Burst


The first game I made at The Game Assembly is Jet Burst. Mostly This project was learning new tools and programs and see how I could apply that to Jet Burst and of course get to learn my new friends at Quantum Games! Mostly I did programming in one way or another. Pymel in Maya, C# in Unity, or batch command for our bat files and various R&D. This is our own game engine, read more about it from the links of the bottom at this page. Download this Space racer game at!

One of the first thing together with the programmer Oliver Andersen, we created the level exporter. An exporter written in C# that create json files for the game engine. We set it up together and then I added new features when needed. Tool for Level Designers.

Our game needed to use .dds format so we had to find a good way to convert .tga files. It ended up that we used a batch process were pictures automatically where converted with nvidia command tools and move them to correct folder with batch. Tool for Graphic Artists.

A really great tool I made was a kind of path tool for placing out ships to go on a specific path. A great simple tool that we used in later projects. Made with C# in Unity. Tool for Level Designers.

In Maya, I created a tool for exporting fbx files with pymel. The tool makes sure that you have the correct scale and freezed transform before exporting.  With multiselection. Saved us many hours during the project. Tool for Graphic Artists and Level Designers.