Internship DICE


I had a great time at DICE (winter2018/2019) during my internship. My role was to make procedural tools in Houdini for Artists. The tool was used with Houdini Engine outside Houdini. Apart from making tools, it was also a bit of R&D where testing out new features in Houdini 17 and see how it could be used in production. Areas I worked on involved a lot of vex in Houdini, python and QT Editor. I was lucky to be in an environment with a lot of Houdini knowledge.

One tool among others that I enjoyed working on was using Houdini 17 new feature Vellum. As an Artist you could control it to many shapes and have a lot of manually work automated. It involved a lot of features and also generated textures and lods. Fun and great tool!