Warehouse tool Houdini in Unity

At The Game Assembly I made a tool for building warehouses with Houdini in Unity. Some mesh were prefabs made in Maya and some generated in Houdini. A great project I learned a lot from. Use math when doing the roof balks and some vex coding for rules while generating. 

Scale width, depth and height parameters

pillar distance parameter. I also made a solution to fix the last distance so pillars don’t get to close to each other in the end.

A roof system and middle pillar. Custom height Using the reliable Pythagoras

Roof parameter to add extra edge on the sides

Percentage parameters wall and window per side.


Scattering system that avoids pillars and doesn’t overlap instance. Different parameters such as number instance, min, and max height.


I created a simple material with only Albedo texture. Made some parameters for tweaking it to fit as wanted. I made that in the node editor Amplify Shader. The textures are made in Photoshop and Substance Designer.