Houdini curve tool Unity

At The Game Assembly, I made a tool for placing out Instances in an efficient way in Unity with Houdini and Assets done in Maya. As a Level Designer, this tool speeds up the workflow. Populate the tool with assets from Graphic Artist and drag a curve and you got it! There is also big possibilities to add functionalities to this tool. For example, if You want a wooden fence you can have these parameters. This project included VEX code and C#.

Choose how to place the planks. intersect with mesh, snap on outside, snap height to make them overlap! Just in a few clicks.

Of course, you can make different wooden fence styles, single row, multirow, overlapping and so on.

There is the entrance to. Just place a box and the fence will build one for you. The neat thing is that in the end, you can move the assets as you want to fine-adjust the placement if needed.

Because the hole fence is built up with four Assets the repetitive UVs on the material is obvious, I solved that with a random generator that change the UV coordinates on all planks. Its only one Material and with GPU instances there’s random UVs on all planks. Made with C# in Unity.